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In this Yin Yoga practice you will work on deep muscle tissue and create space for the internal organs, joints and bones while opening the chest, the hips and the back body.

This is a stronger Vinyasa Flow practice with sun salutations, warriors and twists. A selection of poses that work the spine and the legs in various ways.

In this short sequence we are working with balance and strength in the legs. Body like a temple, mind like the open sky – strong, grounded and still rising. The full 30-minute Vinyasa class will be featured next week.

We have been hard at work creating a quality teacher training.

This 200 hour course, spread out over 12 months, is a solid basis for your foundation as a yoga teacher: deep opportunities for learning and practice, with a curriculum bringing together the depth of yogic wisdom with the practicalities of being a modern yoga teacher.